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I have been the minister at HBC since Jan 2011. Previously I was a minister in training at Gateway Baptist Church (Burgess Hill), while training at Spurgeons college in South London. Before training for full time ministry I was a deacon and then an elder at Gateway.


Having become a christian in my early 30's prayer and the bible have become a key part of my life. I have been involved with youth work, evangelism and congregation planting as well as preaching and teaching. Nicola and I were involved in a small congregation of English speaking folks when we lived in Italy for a few years and were involved with an experimental congregation in Burgess Hill, working with folks from a local housing estate. Spending time gossiping the gospel in relevant and helpful ways is a passion for me.


I would describe my theological position as evangelical, charismatic, with the bible as the foundation for all that I do, while working with the gifts of the Holy Spirit that God has been gracious in giving me. Nicola and I attend New Wine in the summer.


Walking is something I spend time doing each year, mountain and fell walking and pretty well every day walking the streets and paths of Harlow as well as cycling locally. I also enjoy the time we spend with our 3 children, their partners and our granchildren.

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