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It is with deep thanksgiving to Almighty God that we publish this short history of Harlow Baptist Church in recognition of the fact that for 300 years there has been a Baptist witness in this neighbourhood.

A substantial proportion of what appears in these pages, particularly in the first two chapters, is based on a history of our church written in 1941 by the late Mr G. H. Young. Quite a large amount of what he wrote has been allowed to stand in his exact words.

Several items, however, have had to be added; notably references to Mr Young’s family which understandable modesty forbade him to mention. All such references have been written by the Editor of this history and woven into the story. This applies, also, to the Flowers and the Whittakers who are not mentioned in Mr Young’s history. It would seem that his purpose was to give a comprehensive survey of our very early history rather than that which occurred later. Even so, his work is invaluable, and the present Editor counts it a high privilege to have had access to the careful and devoted work of a man, for whom, in common with all who knew him, he had the greatest possible respect.

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